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Waterslides aren’t constantly awesome. Just take for example the “waterslides” we always use as a young child: an amount of low priced plastic stretched across our carefully sloping grass and a yard hose pipe.

Common dangers included:

  1. Attempting to slip across the synthetic with regards to had beenn’t wet adequate. This typically involved one of us working as quickly as we're able to in our underwear. We’d then dive headfirst on the synthetic and come screeching to an instantaneous and painful halt.
  2. Sliding face-first into someone’s utilized Band-Aid.
  3. Placing the slip too near to the side of the yard, resulting in united states flying in to the thorny raspberry bushes, thistles and sumacs.
  4. Utilizing the slide right after the lawn was slashed. After two works along the synthetic, both you and the fall would-be totally covered in clippings. This often meant needing to get hosed straight down by mother before being permitted back the house.
  5. Utilizing the slide during a dried out spell. a slim sheet of plastic offers little in the way of security against whatever’s beneath it. When the ground is rock-hard, rutted and knobbly, create to own your genitalia penalized.

Therefore understandably, whenever my friends advised we check-out a huge waterslide in Costa Rica, I was quite unwilling. However in January 2011, during a vacation inside Guanacaste area, we did that.

I’m pleased we did.

The 400-metre waterslide through jungles of Costa Rica is well-deserving of a Blue Marble Badge. It’s blindingly quickly, wild and a refreshing break from Costa Rican temperature. And, additionally, i did son’t see one utilized Band-Aid regarding whole chute. Occasionally you feel like you’re planning to drop control. Other times you question if howler monkeys are going to fling poop at you. Quite often though you’re simply having a lot of fun to care.

When you are in Costa Rica as they are finding anything a little various, make sure you check it out. Here’s videos of fall i came across that gives you a good feeling of its awesomeness.

The Blue Marble Badge celebrates cool, strange and fun activities from all corners regarding the world. Share yours awesome experiences at the Submissions part (you’ll get a totally free ebook as a thank you for the submission). Or add your tales, pictures and videos to the BoA Twitter webpage.

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