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The Important Usage Of Ground Anchors With Play And Swing Sets

Safety is Jungle Gym’s paramount and also this 's the reason our playground equipment relates to the strictest health and safety standards and generally are GS qualified. Our surface anchors ensure these safe conditions. Alongside security during action, the wood playset or move set should stay in place during powerful gusts. While moving, a large power is exerted regarding move set framework and as a consequence its of great value that this is firmly anchored into the floor.

Within weblog we focus on anchoring play and swing units with floor anchors. We glance at the why of floor anchors, how the ground anchors must certanly be set up, what kinds of ground anchors are provided and where they should be placed best.

Types of surface anchors

Jungle Gym provides 2 kinds of ground anchors. Automatically, floor anchors dish come with any kind of playset. These anchors are made for anchoring in concrete. For anchoring without concrete, twist-in ground anchors are extremely ideal. These anchors are turned into the bottom and tend to be particularly appropriate solid surfaces such as for instance hard soils with clay or grass. Both forms of surface anchors are constructed of zinc-plated steel, tend to be rustproof, resistant to soil circumstances and possess exemplary form retention.

How exactly to put

With more solid grounds, the twist-in surface anchors is sufficient although we do recommend to tightening the play ground equipment in concrete with all the included ground anchor plate constantly. When the precise location of the play or move set is decided, the floor anchors ought to be placed at two diagonally situated sides. The supplied manual provides a clear explanation relating to this.


In addition close to anchoring the climbing structures and swing sets, the slide needs to be fastened firmly too. Thus giving the slide extra power and prevents slack happening into the accessory for the fall into the tower it self. Strong gusts can push the fall up causing a kink.

Twist-in Ground AnchorPosition Playset

So that you can spot ground anchors, you should determine the right position regarding the playing field gear or the swing set. Take into account that the slip surface is pointed from the sunshine, such that it does not heat up up.

After the correct area of the wood climbing frame is decided, the anchors are put. This is done well on two, diagonally put, sides (see below) to exclude the maximum amount of backlash as you are able to.

Ground anchor in cement:

Step 1: Dig a hole of approximately 55 cm deep and a diameter around 40 cm when you look at the soil under two of the four sides for the playset.

Step 2: Fix the bottom anchors to the timber for the playset and pour cement in to the holes. The anchor in concrete should meet the indent (2), that is indicated on armature for protected fixation.

3: Make sure the ground anchors never stand out associated with the floor because young ones can trip over them. Permit the concrete to harden before making use of the play ground equipment. This is certainly roughly 24 hours, based on weather conditions.

Step: Discard the rest of the gap aided by the excavated soil and address it nicely.

Twist-in Ground Anchor:

1: Twist-in the floor anchors are positioned with a rotational motion, perpendicular within the surface.

2: connect the attention of armature into playtower with all the supplied screws.

Step three: Protect the screws with all the supplied bolt limits.

Whenever ground anchors are fixed as well as the cement is dry, one last visit should be carried out ahead of the play ground equipment is ready to be used.

Always Spot Anchors

Ensure that the play ground equipment and swings are used only if these are typically anchored. Follow our directions very carefully. When the playset has been repositioned, you will need to re-anchor. Both forms of floor anchors can be found in our extra components webshop and tend to be delivered in a few days. To learn more or advice on how exactly to spot or what kind surface anchors would be best fitted to your position, please contact us. We're pleased to assist!

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