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Interview by DJ 2NZY (harm Inc.)

Prologue & Editorial by GL0WKiD

A tough working man, an existing member of the almighty Polish Hardcore Skool keeping it the real deal from 90's till now, running their own label Tornado Records, being faithful and devoted on which he really loves mostly!
And what is that?
Oldskool songs, you can easily typically call-it and our Captain, Marcin Kret better known as DJ TORNADO can do the remainder!
Old Skool Festival 2016 had been the massive 2dayer event happened throughout our community, our scene, our music! Also it came into existence more than this past year and a trademark associated with present history of Hardcore!
More information about our Captain tend to be after on their answers...
Hi Tornado! Firstly congratulations on a more impressive, better and amazing Old Skool Festival! Lodz really is the Rave Capital!
We see you are actually enthusiastic concerning this songs category, from your DJ sets with Leo, that are amazing whenever, to your label and store promoting these performers and category, as well as from tiny events to those huge festivals! All I'm able to state is WOW!
Im however suffering from the week-end, how long do you consider you will need to charge?

Well i do believe it could take even 30 days as I ended up being spending so much time for last 6 months and really need an extended vacation. Individuals were complaining about my behavior, friends and family.
OSF2016 affected my personal life therefore I need my entire life to obtain to me.

Are you experiencing any programs for an upcoming launch together with your label?

Not now. Final vinyl premiered in 2013 also it was very, not a lot of dual photo disk, but since this time We have no brand-new some ideas and programs, today marketplace is various.
I would wish to launch one thing but just on vinyl. You will find very few vinyl collectors and DJs playing plastic to ensure's the reason why I don't have vision.
Another issue is a great vinyl hit company. There clearly was one exceptional at Crickelwood nevertheless they shut down. Not long ago I was doing TOR011 in Czech and had been a crap even with 3 different test hit.
It's better not to push vinyl instead of press low quality. If you are performing thousands records then you can certainly manage to discover the best quality and expensive industrial facilities, however, if you do 300-400 records then you need to search for affordable businesses and usually the cannot offer high quality.

I see you have got pushed and promoted Polish musicians.

Are you experiencing any favourite Polish artists?

My favourite performers are Oneplayz, Nefti and Wonter.

And who're your favourite Old Skool performers?

Tough to state as there are many, but if I could select one only it will be Acen.

What are the artists you'd love to get for the next Old Skool Festival?

A listing is very long. However organising this degree of occasion requires truly a lot of money and huge amount of your energy.
Everything will depend on sponsors, as two past occasions I have funded from personal pocket, however it is very hard to manage this occasion.
If I won't get a hold of someone severe and strategic then I can be resigned as opposed to performing one thing tiny except no-cost functions for buddies around 100 folks in a storage or hired small pub.exactly why is this songs so live in Lodz do you think?
Because tradition is still live, everyone loves it, DJs are performing activities, in addition long custom and legend 'brand new Alcatraz' causes it to be live.
In addition, this songs has a genuine energy and energy!

OK, it is a difficult one... Being therefore busy you do not catch every little thing happening in the evening as you are needed everywhere at the same time, it's draining.

Whose performance were you most anticipating when it comes to occasion and off whom you caught. Which do you benefit from the many?

I was anticipating see N-Joi and Rozalla and liked both, little bit certainly for me, the Queen of this sunday was Rozalla.

Among the things that create your activities be noticed is the choice of the artists chosen, the line ups tend to be huge and saturated in the important music artists behind this music rather than
the boring stale repeated range ups that can be found in London as an example, long may this carry on.

This is just what sets these occasions aside and higher than what's taking place somewhere else.
Seriously, where else are these range ups playing? Just in Lodz, for this reason the Rave Capital!

Amazing work! Exactly what have you got your sleeve after that?
Some musicians and artists belong to permanent Tornado team, but i am attempting not to duplicate many times all of them. I have couple of some ideas and pre-agreed bookings, nonetheless as I stated above - every little thing is dependent upon sponsors.

I've played at most venues in Lodz, huge and tiny, and I also love the Bedroom place, this is the perfect setup,
Do you have any favourites, past or provide?

Bedroom is really a good place as it is ex-theatre, so it features huge front phase, good infractructure. In the past a beneficial place was the Cube.
This really is issue in Lodz- insufficient good venues with infrastructure additionally managers when they dislike specific variety of songs they're not going to hire location.
Conditions offered by site supervisors are unacceptable for many occasion organisers.

Ok, what exactly are your 3 favourite Old Skool tunes, as well as your 3 favourite Hardcore Breaks tunes?

haha, i really like all of them!, but...

01. The Prodigy - G-Force part.1
02. The House Crew - We Are Hardcore
03. Acen - house windows in Sky part.3

01. The Flashback Project - Another Dimension
02. Harm Inc - I Discovered You
03. The Flashback Project - Hands In The Air

Different things today...

3 places people to Lodz should have a look at when in the city?

01. Restaurant Izba Chlopska - exceptional polish meals
02. Manufaktura - Buying Centre
03. Piotrkowska street - walk thru and discover this famous Lodz's high street

With regards to Hardcore Breaks, what do you want to see take place after that for it?

Advertising them in popular radio stations!

Exactly what do you think of an Hardcore Breaks event or event with a second Hardcore Breaks area?

I happened to be currently thinking about it during OSF2016, but due to lack of rooms made a decision to leave primary arena only.
OSF edition 3 cannot occur at bed room, but we curently have programs, as there will be location for 3 phases.
Any messages for visitors available?

Money are not every little thing! Have sex maybe not hate. Family very first!
That is best shown, in a World enthusiastic about bling, cash is perhaps not everything, time is the most important so let us ensure time is great!
OK, thank you Tornado, we will make you to it!

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