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Book CoverA land of thick jungle and mist-swirled hills. An enemy going unseen underneath the rich canopy. The growing risk of thaumics—a miracle wielded by few that threatens to destabilize all. The youth of a kingdom sent to battle in a faraway hell while back home, discord and disillusionment reign…

Fantasy author Chris Evans masterfully pushes the boundaries for the genre in his brilliant, groundbreaking brand new epic, a unique and penetrating sight channeling the cultural upheaval, racial animus, and wholesale destruction of this Vietnam War. Right here, into the distant nation of Luitox, that will be wracked by rebellion, thaumic users copilot mammoth armored dragons alongside fliers who do not trust their particular unusual practices. Warriors been trained in crossbow, stealth, and catapult tend to be plunged into abrupt crazy battles using mystical woodland Collective, an elusive adversary with a strong miracle of their own. Together with Kingdom’s many downtrodden residents, only recently given equivalence, battle for the self-esteem they certainly were designed to have won home while questioning who the true adversary is.

is the tale of Thaum Jawn Rathim, whose idealized view for the war clashes along with its harsh realities and his understanding that triumph could cost him everything…of conscripted soldier Carny, awash in a hallucinogenic haze of concern and anger…of Breeze, the red-haired graduate through the Royal Academy of Thaumology, certain she will transform ab muscles nature of warfare—if just she can win the trust of this guy keeping her fate in the arms…and of Ugen Listowk, a veteran crossbowman whom discovers solace in darkest shadows for the jungle and whose biggest concern is a deep failing the guys he leads into battle.

Plunging deep to the heart of a moral and mortal darkness, these hesitant soldiers fight for success as well as for meaning amid a blazing crisis of blood and magic. They are going to duel a ghostly adversary, fight to comprehend their particular roles in a sprawling maelstrom, and in the end wage the war their way—not for fame or perhaps the Kingdom, but for the other person.


“New army fantasy—imagine the Vietnam War fought with medieval weaponry, magic and dragons. – Evans’ scenario is vividly portrayed…Memorable and deeply satisfying—a fitting tribute to those who offer.”
—Kirkus Reviews (October 1st, 2014 problem)

“OF BONE AND THUNDER is amongst the few publications which may have blown myself away. An interweaving of Vietnam fight and views with motifs being additionally found in fantasy made this book both initial and captivating. Different events, secret, dragons and medieval weaponry made for a per change associated with the web page more fun compared to the previous…The figures within the guide are very well defined, each interesting, making use of their very own personalities, defects and philosophy in connection with war…From activity views to epic battles, soaring through air on Rags/dragons or simply just scouting the jungles of this opponents’ indigenous lands; the information with which Evans writes can be so captivating and vividly descriptive, it engulfs the reader and provided me with an almost cinematic experience. It could be awesome to see this turned into a film. A fascinating story narrated from viewpoints of several service guys with different roles inside the war contrary to the “Slyts”. An unbelievable interlacing of these experiences which all lead to the summary and an action stuffed, heroic and mental ending. A compelling story of nerve, leadership and sacrifice. Strongly Suggested for enthusiasts of dream and army fiction.”
—Book Bloke

“Brilliant! The literary globe needs more historical fantasy like this. The moments when you see the parallels into the Vietnam War are spectacular! The figures are engaging, the activity is thrilling, while the writing is gorgeous. I reread entire areas simply for the satisfaction of these gorgeous explanations. I really could have the sweltering heat and the fear of creeping through a jungle hiding your opponents. More, please!”
—Book Dates: The Enjoy Letters to Books

“Fantasy author, Evans takes a unique tack with this book set through the Vietnam War. Part historic fiction, part fantasy, the storyline centers around s set of soldiers swept up in a conflict they don’t understand and tend to be little able to deal with. When they hear wings from above, can it be from an aircraft or something like that more…..magical. A darkly stunning book unlike anything I have previously read.”

“exactly what did i enjoy? The scenery and mixing of secret, dragons, weaponry that deserve a fantasy novel of their own. Our most captivating characters…kept myself reading…the moments had been well crafted and imaginative. I think used to do travel on a dragon while looking over this, and I also performed that crazy mind-meld thing that Breeze and Vorly did making use of the crystals… OF BONE AND THUNDER is a great read…Evans combines the best of fantasy and military fiction.”
—Secret lifetime of a Townie

“What a fantastic and interesting way to teach about a turbulent time in our world’s record… we completely liked witnessing the parallels within book, and found myself going back to read about the Vietnam War to find more parallels. This will be a brief history course wrapped up in a well written military fantasy guide… The dialogue had been clever and believed provoking…There were in addition humorous moments dropped in, focusing the camaraderie involving the figures, and making me laugh aloud. The fight views were full of action and well-executed, while the world had been intriguing. This can be a talented author, whom I would want to see more from. Recommended for fans of record that are looking for something just a little various.”

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